The Journey of Codeinnovior

Mr. Kahafil Ora, an IT specialist, first founded the "codeinnovior" youtube channel in the year 2020 with the intention of sharing his knowledge and experience with his professional colleagues around the world. Within a few months, he began to receive very positive response and requests for further videos/tutorials on technology from the general public, particularly those who are interested in learning technology education in Bangla. After receiving so many wonderful signals from the technology enthusiast, he began to consider how to create a skilled and healthy society in Bangladesh, where individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds may study technology for free, particularly in rural areas.

After a two-year journey, codeinnovior now has a devoted, skilled, and experienced team of over 30 people ready to help learners achieve their ultimate goal.

After a two-year journey, codeinnovior now has a devoted, skilled, and experienced team of over 30 people ready to help learners achieve their ultimate goal.

More tutorials on software development, networking, cyber security, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), creative designs, server administrations, digital marketing, data analysis, and codding for kids are now in the works for the channel where the offline & online training facilities are already going on. I hope we can give the next generation a brighter future.

From The CEO Desk

Dear Respected Visitor,

I’d like to extend a warm welcome at codeinnovior & thank you for your time. With the goal of building a talented nation, we were able to develop a young, enthusiastic, and dynamic team to assist. In my opinion, everyone should learn computer science, because we cannot imagine a better nation without technology education. During my 17-year professional career, I've noticed that Bangladesh has a wealth of talented resources, if properly nurtured, might produce a large number of exceptional leaders capable of leading our countries into the digital age. We all know that the best educational opportunities are found in urban areas. That is why we are aiming to make facilities accessible and inexpensive to everyone so that people can learn from the comfort of their own homes. Your important suggestions and collaborations are always appreciated. Please keep us in your prayers and hope for the best.

Thanks Indeed,
Kahafil Ora, Founder & CEO - Codeinnovior.

Message From the Advisor

Hello Everyone,

Tasnim Zahan Fatema here, codeinnovior's advisor. I've been with codeinnovior since it was a newborn baby. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to share my professional experience in the field of mental health well-being with everyone through this platform. In a pandemic situation, when everyone was locked in a room and feeling uncertain about their career and life, and nothing was happening, everyone began to feel frustrated, especially in terms of career prospects.

During that time, we decided to open this platform to everyone so that anyone interested in working in the technology field could learn in a safe environment without having to go outside. It can also assist them in escaping from a life of frustration. One of our goals was to save everyone from depression by creating this platform that could be accessed from anywhere. So that everyone can become qualified while sitting in their own comfort zone.

Now that the pandemic is over, there are a few issues that have arisen in our lives that must be addressed in the proper manner. Our beloved children, as well as school-age students, have become screen addicted, which means they have spent far too much time playing online games, watching cartoons, overusing social media, and many students have visited dark websites. Now we're working on a nice plan to make those kids productive by teaching computer programming in a fun way. We are not asking them not to use the internet or devices, but rather to learn coding in their own unique way. As a result, they are becoming more skilled in computer science, which is assisting them in being more productive and increasing their problem solving ability, decision making ability and many more.

We appreciate your continued support in carrying out all of our plans for the next generation.

With Best Regards,
Tasnim Zahan Fatema, Advisor - Codeinnovior